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Fresh Meat Cuts | T-Bone Steaks, New York Strip Steaks, etc.

Specializing in Custom Beef & Pork Processing

Quality meat processing takes skilled understanding of where to cut and how each of your cuts can affect the appearance, and even the taste of your meat. At Lau's Meat Market we specialize in on-site, custom processing of beef and pork using the safest and cleanliest procedures possible.


It’s all about customization - cut thickness, packing quantity or weight, packaging type, and flavor selection. Our custom, cut-to-order service puts you in control, allowing Lau’s Meats to better meet the needs of your family.


Contact us for additional details regarding custom beef, pork and venison processing... 507-835-1970. We look forward to helping you fill your freezer all year-round, our doors are always open to deer hunters and families alike!

Custom Venison Processing

Our doors are always open to deer hunters! At Lau's Meats we provide sought-after Wild Game Processing of deer. As a Minnesota custom meat processor we offer on-site venison processing, turning your deer into a variety of tasty venison products. Just bring in your venison trim and we do the rest.


At Lau's, we believe the venison meat you bring is just as important to us as the summer sausage we sell in our store. Because of this we use some of our same award winning homemade recipes to enhance the flavor of your venison.


Going the Extra Mile for Custom Venison Processing

At Lau’s Meats our reputation is so well-known that we have many venison customers who travel hours to receive our venison processing services. In fact, some avid deer hunters come to us from Iowa, Wisconsin and other outlying states. As one customer put it, “it says it all about how good Lau’s summer sausage and snack sticks are when I travel 1 1/2 hours to process my venison at Lau’s when I have a meat market in my home town.”


Bruce Barrie's Elk
Owner of Lau's, Bruce Barrie took this impressive elk on a recent Arizona Bow-hunt.


Loral I's 8 Point Whitetail Deer
Loral I, daughter of owners Bruce & Dawn Barrie, shot her 8 point Waseca County Whitetail on an early 2012 bow-hunt. Loral I is employed on a part-time basis at Lau's Meats, LLC.